“Let your light shine before others, so that[a]they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16
Every year around December 1st millions of Americans get their ladders out to put up their Christmas lights for all their neighbors to see. In my neighborhood there is even a contest with cash prizes for the best decorated homes.
It’s amazing to me how much money and energy people spend decorating the outside of their homes as a treat to their neighborhood yet have never had their neighbors inside for a treat.
Perhaps as sons of light (As the Scriptures refer to God’s kids: John 12:36), we can take this whole Christmas lighting thing to a higher and more meaningful level.
What if we were to invite our neighbors into our homes in a formal way this Christmas and treat them as people loved by Jesus? And what if we would let our lights so shone before our neighbors that they could get a glimpse of the Light of the World (Jesus)? And what if the brightest lights coming from our homes were not the lights on our houses or trees, but the lights shining in our hearts?
Boundless Grace, lets maximize our opportunity to influence our world for Christ starting in our own NEIGHBORHOODS. Perhaps this will be the best gift we can give our Savior for His birthday!
Tips to light up your neighborhood:
1. Calendar a night to invite your neighbors into your home for dessert and hot chocolate.
2. Make or buy invitations and deliver them to your neighbors. (a PDF template of a nice invitation is available upon request, just email Pastor Ted)
3. Deliver invitations to your neighbors.
4. Make a goody bag for your neighbors as little love gifts to be distributed on the night of your gathering.
5. On the night of your gathering don’t feel pressure to talk about spiritual things unless you get a clear prompting for the Spirit. But do offer a “Christmas toast” with your neighbors and speak a blessing over them in the name of Jesus.