Who we are

Boundless Grace is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic community of people who  love God and love people.  We dress casual, live free, and think that hugs are holy!   We take God's Word serious, but not ourselves.   We laugh a lot, love a lot, and choose relationships over religion.  At Boundless Grace everyone is welcome!

Our vision

A church filled with people who are full of the Spirit; expressing their faith through passionate praise, faithful service, generous giving, compassionate praying, and relationally connecting with people who have yet to fully embrace Jesus as Lord.

Our Mission

The mission of Boundless Grace is to help believers establish a vibrant walk with God, for the glory of God, as expressed by others.   

In helping believers establish a vibrant walk with God we do our best to: 

  1.  FACILIATE a Spirit filled worship service, led by Spirit filled worshipers.
  2.  TEACH the word of God passionately and accurately for the purpose of faith building.
  3.  ASSIMILATE new people into our Church so they can begin to grow together. 

  4. Pray for one another during our weekly worship gatherings.  

  5.   Provide people with opportunities to SERVE not just sit.

  6. Encourage our people to  proactively REACH others with the good news of Jesus by Cultivating caring relationships. 


We believe that every Christian has been called, not only to be a minister in their church, but a missionary in their world.  For this reason we encourage our people reach out to the people in their spheres of influence and cultivate life giving relationships with them.  We do this by modeling, motivating, and mobilizing our church to this end.

We think the Gospel travels best across

relational bridges. 

Yes, we are an evangelical church, and we are not ashamed of the gospel.  We understand it to be the power of God that leads to a person's spiritual transformation.  We also believe that reaching people for Christ is not done by sharing gospel tracks with strangers, but by sharing Christ love with friends.  

our 15 core beliefs

  1. We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God that reveals the will of God for our lives.
  2. We believe that mankind is in need of spiritual restoration to undo the foul effects of sin.
  3. We believe that God sent his only Son to earth to die on the cross as a ransom for our sins.
  4. We believe that every person who receives Christ becomes a child of God and is born again.
  5. We believe that faith alone, in Christ alone, through grace alone justifies a person in God's sight.
  6. We believe that every Christian is indwelt by the Holy Spirit , gifted to serve, and empowered to overcome sin.
  7. We believe that Jesus is going to return to earth one day as he promised. 
  8. We believe every Christian is called to attend a local Church on a regular basis.
  9. We believe that every Christian is called to live a life set apart for God's eternal purposes.  
  10. We believe  every Christian is called to be a minister in the Church and a missionary in their world .
  11. We believe in a literal Satan and his demonic forces whose goal it is to distract, deceive, and divide God's people. 
  12. We believe that evil exists in the world, not because God is unable or unwilling to act, but because He chooses not to override human freewill.  
  13. We believe that sickness and suffering are the result of living in a fallen world, which will one day be restored when Christ returns.
  14. We believe that God answers the prayers of ordinary people who boldly come into His presence through faith in Christ. 
  15. We believe that Heaven is a real place that awaits those who have accepted Christ as their Savior. 

our six core values

1. Authenticity over superficial spirituality: 

This value is demonstrated by refusal to look spiritual, sound spiritual, or act spiritual.     We embrace the Apostle Paul's self assessment; I am what I am by the grace of God.  We insist on people being themselves.  

2. Grace over guilt: 

This value is demonstrated by a refusal to be the moral police in others lives.  We believe that grace teaches people to live holy, not judgmental people.  Jesus said, I did not come to condemn the world, but to save it.   We think this approach is effective, so we try to follow his lead. 

3. Freedom over form:

We value spontaneity and intentionally refuse to script our services so tight as to quench the Spirit of God.  Rarely will one Sunday feel like another.    As free people, we value  spontaneous testimonies,  words of encouragement, and other surprises that edify God's people.  We try to create a climate that allows people to express their love for God in worship that is not restrictive, as long as they do't distract from the overall worship experience.  

4. Relationships: 

We  place a high value on relationships at Boundless Grace.  We think that people grow in the context of caring relationships.  We demonstrate this value in three ways: 1. Therefore we encourage our people to get involved in a small group (Life Group) during the week.  2.  We take a break in the middle of our worship service each week for the purpose of relational connection.  3. We intentionally refuse to load our church calendar with activities and meetings.  We want our people freed up to connect with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family.  Cultivating relationships with people takes time; and we want our people to be involved in the lives of  other people, both in the Church and in their world.  We believe the gospel travels best across relational bridges.  

5. Diversity:

We demonstrate this value by embracing people; regardless of ethnicity, religious tradition, gender, moral condition, or social economic status.  Everyone is welcome at Boundless Grace Church.  

6. Faithfulness :   

The first wave of Christians were devoted to one another.  As a result, these radical believers rocked their world for Christ.    Therefore, we are  not bashful to ask people to commit to our Church by attending regularly, serving cheerfully, giving generously, and loving radically.   We desire to shape culture rather than be shaped by it.