Infants & toddlers

Our baby nursery is open each Sunday for new born babies up to 18 months.   For the most part our nursery is staffed as needed.    More often than not, parents of new-borns desire to keep their  babies with them in the worship service.  This is totally acceptable.  However, we do ask that crying babies be taken to the Nursery if they are distracting others from worship.

The Little Stars Room is for children 18 months through 4 years old.   Little Stars is a safe and loving place for toddlers and little ones.  We staff this room with adult and youth volunteers.  Little Stars children spend their time playing with age appropriate toys and learning from age appropriate curriculum.   Parents may stay with their children if they so desire.   We do expect parents with toddlers to serve in Little Stars once a month, unless they are already serving in the SPOT.  

Serving 5 -12 year old kids.

The SPOT is what we call our Children's Sunday School Class at Boundless Grace.  The Spot is a fun and affirming place that fosters love and friendship as kids learn about Jesus and his desires for their little lives.  The SPOT is an acronym that defines our focus for the kids who attend: S is for serving, we teach kids that serving is superior to selfishness.  P is for praise!  We do our best to help the kids understand that God is worthy to be praised.  O is for obedience.   We reinforce the wisdom of obeying God and the authorities he places over their lives, which includes parents, teachers, etc.........  T is for trusting God.  We  want our kids to recognize the faithfulness of God in their lives regardless of what is going on around them.   We use Christ-Centered curriculum and Scripture to communicate the aspects of the faith that are relevant to their spiritual development.  

Included in the morning schedule in the SPOT is usually a time of singing together, doing a craft, playing a game that reinforces the morning lesson plan, working on a Bible memory verse, and snack time.

Our goal in the SPOT is three fold:  First, to help each child come to know Christ as their Savior. Second, to help each child develop a loving relationship with God.  Third, to help each child apply the lessons taught to their lives.